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What are the Best Blinds for your Windows?

Choosing the right Blinds for your Central Coast Property

What are the best blinds for your windows? With so many choices in products for the best blinds for your windows, Central Coast blind company The Blind Crew, manufacture residential and commercial blinds plus outdoor awnings. Window coverings can be a huge help in creating a feeling of space and light in your home. From front feature windows to sliding patio doors, there are many different window coverings that you can add to help streamline the look of your home. From choosing the right type of blinds to the benefits of each blind, we’ll outline everything you should know before investing in some new window coverings.

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Types of Blinds and Your Best Options of Window Coverings

The type of blind you choose for your windows will depend on the look you want for your room, as well as their purpose. While there are many options available, there are certain kinds that are more commonly used than others. Vertical blinds are a very common choice, as they are one of the most versatile options, as they can be used both horizontally and vertically. They are perfect for covering large windows or sliding glass doors, as they can be fully rolled up or down depending on the space you have them in. In addition, they are also great for blocking out light and creating privacy and they are also very inexpensive, as they come in a variety of colours, sizes, and styles. If you are looking to change the colour of your windows, vertical blinds can be easily replaced.

Roller blinds have also become one of our biggest sellers, especially for the residential market. Modern roller blinds are extremely versatile and offer homes a sleek and modern alternative to vertical blinds or curtains. They are extremely practical and the versatile designs and fabrics suit many styles of rooms, from bedrooms to kitchens.

No matter what type of blind you choose, The Blind Crew have many options to suit your home interior or exterior or your commercial property. With quality Australian and European components,  and beautiful fabrics, we carefully hand build your blinds in our brand new state-of-the-art factory. Our staff take every care to ensure that you get the very best quality blinds for your Central Coast home or business.  When you choose to purchase new blinds for your home or office, it is generally something that you plan to keep for a long time, so quality blinds are extremely important.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for covering wide windows, as they can be placed both horizontally and vertically. They are also great for blocking out light and creating privacy, as they can be fully rolled up or down for privacy or fully open for more light. There are many types of vertical blinds available, from natural fabrics to faux wood grain styles, and corded or cordless options. You can also choose from a range of colours, including pastels and bold colours. While vertical blinds come in a variety of colours, be wary of the fabric type you select, as some fabrics will fade over time. In addition, they are one of the most versatile window coverings, so it’s worth choosing a type that works well with your home décor. Vertical blinds are also very cost-effective, as they can be purchased in bulk and are easy to install. If you are looking to change the colour of your windows, vertical blinds can be easily replaced. If you are looking to add a finishing touch to your windows, you can even get vertical blinds with faux wood grain panels.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Venetian Blinds are a great option if the budget needs to be tightly controlled. They have a slat control which helps to offer unmatched control over the light that comes into the room and privacy. A simple blind for a lower budget. Very effective and looks good in any room.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are our most requested window covering, offering multiple options to suit every window and environment. With a choice of blockout, light filtering, screen, and privacy across hundreds of different fabrics including kids rooms, our roller blinds let you create the look and environment you want.
Offering either chain operation or, for the ultimate in luxury & convenience, remote motorised operation that can be linked to your home automation hub, our roller blinds put you in charge.

Options include personalising your blinds with our sleek cassettes to give a contemporary, luxury look while discreetly housing the operating mechanism and bringing your vision to life and modernising your home.

  • Stunning Roller blind fabric designs
  • A tremendous collection of colours
  • Energy-saving Roller blind fabrics
  • U.V sunscreen fabrics
  • Full block out fabrics
  • Light filtering fabrics
  • Day and Night dual-purpose options
  • Linked blinds – No window is too wide with a link system. You can link multiple blinds alongside one another and reduce the gap to just 19mm
  • Cordless motorization via remote – easy setup, easy connection, whisper-quiet and efficient
  • Multiple colours and shapes to choose from with bottom bars and chains
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Plantation Shutters


Like vertical blinds, shutters are a classic window covering that can be used to create a feeling of space and light in a room. They can be used for covering both wide and narrow windows, and come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. There are a variety of different styles and colours of shutters available, including wood-grain styles, faux wood-grain designs, and patterned shutters. While shutters are not one of the more affordable window coverings, they are also one of the most versatile, as they can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. Depending on the look you want for your windows, you can choose from a variety of shutter styles. For example, you can get a decorative patterned shutter, a slatted shutter, or a custom-built shutter with an architectural design. If you are looking to change the colour of your windows, shutters can easily be replaced. In addition, if you are looking to add a finishing touch to your windows, you can get shutters with faux wood grain panels.

We provide shutters in three premium materials:

Aluminium, Fauxwood and Paulownia.

  • Aluminium Shutters are the ultimate in Shutter quality. They are the strongest material in Shutters that does not warp, crack or move. The powdercoat finish will last an eternity and is available in a range of colours. They are also made in Australia for fast turnaround times.
  • Fauxwood shutters are waterproof, so they can be installed in bathroom and kitchen areas. Available in a wide range of colours, they will not peel, split or shrink. Fauxwood Eco are VOC compliant, termite proof and offer excellent insulation properties.
  • Paulownia Shutters have a straight texture, the material is light and soft with a strong grain pattern. There are 10 standard colours for Paulownia shutters, custom colours are also available.

Blockout Blinds

Blockout blinds reduce the amount of heat and cold that come from your windows by as much as 24%. This is the reason why the Central Coast homes with blackout blinds are cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This allows you to make your home heating and cooling much more efficient and is perfect for saving on big electricity bills.

Our professional blind installers ensure that all blinds are measured and made to exact requirements so that they cover the windows completely, ensuring you get the best benefit out of your block out blinds.

Choosing between different types of blinds can be difficult if you are not sure what you need and the different types of materials and blinds that are available. Contact the team at The Blind Crew for some highly experienced advise on what types of blinds will be best for your home.

Blockout blinds are a great choice when living in a hot and humid environment such as the Central Coast. We believe they strike the right balance between convenience, form, and function. We will always give homeowners the options of materials but do strongly advise using blackout blinds as they are so beneficial in our environment.

Our block out materials can be used for a range of our blinds including roller and vertical blinds.

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Choosing the Best Blinds for your Central Coast Property

When it comes to choosing the right window coverings for your windows, the best advice is to measure your windows to ensure the right blinds are selected for the best results. This will help you choose the right size and style of window coverings for your home. Depending on the purpose of your windows, you can also choose between roller blinds, vertical blinds, shutters, and block out blinds. Each option has its own benefits and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right type of window covering for your home.

If you are on the Central Coast or surrounding regions contact the team at The Blind Crew today. Whatever your reason is for replacing your blinds, we are sure to have a style that suits your home and requirements.

Take the stress out of selecting your window covering provider, our blinds are manufactured in our Erina factory using only the best Australian and European components and we’re experts at developing solutions that work for your budget.

We can provide remote control window cover solutions that will control heat, light, fading effects and also help you meet your WHS requirements, preventing the need for long control chains or reaching high and difficult windows.

When you partner with The Blind Crew, we become part of your team and we’re always here when you need us.