Light Controlling Blinds for your Central Coast Home

Light Controlling Blinds Central Coast

The Blind Crew offer a range of light controlling blinds for your Central Coast property. There are many things to consider when looking to buy blinds for your home or office, including how much light do you want to filter out or block completely. Having blinds that allow you to filter out as much or as little light as possible allows you to control the ambience of a room as well as the temperature.

Are you sick of bright sunlight coming in when you are trying to watch a movie? Does your home feel hotter in summer because of that extra sunlight coming in? or perhaps your home needs sun in winter to warm up a little. Having light controlling blinds allows you to control just how much light you let, depending on what you are doing. There are many types of blinds that can help with controlling light in your home. These include vertical blinds, Venetian blinds & roller blinds. All these can potentially block light completely or allow a small amount of light in, depending on your current requirements.

Light Controlling Blinds vs Blackout Blinds

Light controlling blinds are the perfect option if you still want a comfortable amount of light to come into your home. This type of light control is perfect for rooms like kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. Blackout blinds in comparison actually block the light completely, meaning you can sleep or watch a movie in peace with no bright lights or glare when trying to rest.

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We are specialists in automated window covering systems, including remote control, Alexa and Google Home assistants.

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Light Controlling Blinds Central Coast

Whether it’s full blackout blinds or light filtering blinds our automated remote-control or traditional chain blinds provide an elegant and practical solution to your window covering needs.

With quality Australian and European components and beautiful fabrics, we carefully hand build your blinds in our brand new state of the art factory. Our staff take every care to ensure that you get the very best quality blinds.

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We specialise in automated window covering systems, including remote control, Siri, Alexa and Google Home assistants. Contact the team today for your free measure and quote.

How to control light with light controlling blinds

Light controlling blinds are an excellent way to control the light you get into your home or office. They enable you to control as much or as little as you like which is excellent for stopping glare in the middle of the day, or street lights at night. Not only do they control the light, but they also allow you to control the temperature in warmer and cooler months as well. Regardless of how much light you desire or require in a space, you can easily control the light with a wide variety of blinds.

Windows are meant to add light to a space and keep it from feeling like a boxed-in and ultimately bring a bit of the outside in. Sometimes this gets too much with the bright sun shining through that can fade furniture and flooring, and of course, become too hot, or that annoying street light at night when you are trying to sleep. No matter what the reason is, light controlling blinds will help you to control the elements exactly how you want.

Controlling light with Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of our most effective window covering solutions for controlling light. With a simple twist of a wand or pull of a cord, you drastically change the look and feel of the room. You can even determine the angle of the light you’re getting into the space. They are not only easy to install but are cost-effective too.

Venetian blinds these days are far removed from the old original thin metal slats. These days they come in timber as well as many other organic materials. Venetian blinds will not only let you control the light you get in your home, but also look stylish and modern. Contact The Blind Crew today about our range of locally manufactured Venetian blinds.

Controlling light with Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the perfect solution for larger windows, and sliding doors leading to a balcony or patio where you want to control your light without compromising your view. Vertical blinds offer you maximum flexibility and creativity. The innovative design allows the louvres to be drawn neatly back to the side to offer clear views. The louvres can also be rotated 180 degrees allowing the user to control light levels within any room, yet maintain privacy.

Vertical blinds incorporating the slimline headrail system provides a contemporary and extremely practical commercial installation. The system is easily fitted and provides an extremely efficient method of light control.

The Slimline Vogue aluminium headrail extrusion is made from prime aluminium and is available in white powder coat.
To ensure a positive and smooth operation within the headrail, all carriers are manufactured using prime quality plastic materials. This also provides durability and protection from embrittlement and UV rays.